Sure thing, you can always pour yourself a warm cup of coffee and enjoy quiet mornings at the comfort of your home. But, right now, coffee shops have gained much popularity than ever, that everyone is so into it, even the ones who used to avoid caffeine as much as possible.

Probably, one of the reasons is the rise of IG world, where we are compelled to post only Instagram-worthy snaps. Coffee shops are one of the great places where you can make stunning photos because of their lovely interiors, awesome latte art, and lots of sweet treats that make us all drool.

It was only recently when coffee shops of all sizes and themes started rising one by one in Legazpi City. Still the general criteria for the best cafés include the top-quality beverages and food, cozy and laid-back ambience, lovely interiors, and friendly staff service.

I’ve rounded up the best and most popular cafés in Legazpi where you can satisfy your caffeine cravings. Yup, we’ve searched the city!

La Mia Tazza Coffee

Legazpi’s answer to Starbucks, La Mia Tazza Coffee is the top choice for coffee lovers with its wide variety of caffeine concoctions and luscious desserts. The two-floor coffee shop that also offers nice outdoor sitting option is actually one of the most spacious cafes in the city. La Mia Tazza never runs out of customers, day in and day out, yet, it never runs out of space, too!

Upstairs is the best spot, I must say. You get to enjoy the laid-back and quiet vibe, with only the signature jazz music you’ll usually get to listen to in coffee shops, playing in the background. To top it all, the energizing and stimulating aroma of coffee fills the whole place. Great place for business meetings, meet-and-greet, chit-chat over coffee, doing freelance work, and some ‘me’ time.

Located along the major thoroughfares bound to Legazpi city proper, La Mia Tazza is very accessible even for first-time visitors. Nearby landmarks include Legazpi City Hall, Peñaranda Park, Albay Provincial Capitol, and Robinson’s Supermarket. If you’re a first-timer, take a jeepney with Legazpi-Daraga route and tell the driver to drop you off near Robinson’s Supermarket or La Mia Tazza itself.

Must-try: Pili Nut Cappuccino (Appeals so much to both Bicolano taste buds and visiting tourists)
Price Range: 100 pesos and above (Prepare at least $2)
Wi-Fi: Available
Address: 733 Rizal Street, Old Albay, Legazpi City
Contact: +63 52 481 1000


Alfana Café

Most of us love escaping the hustle and bustle of city life. That’s what I love the most about Alfana Café. When you’re inside, you won’t feel like you’re in a city. Located at the fourth floor of A. Bichara Silverscreens Entertainment Center, you’ll forget about the noise and the daily grind of Legazpi that’s readily obvious outside.

Inside the A. Bichara building itself, there’s less crowd, if not, none at all. You’ll see few people coming, unlike when you’re inside Ayala Malls Legazpi or Pacific Mall. Since I’m an ambivert (half-introvert, half-extrovert), this will surely be my favorite hangout place in Legazpi when I feel like enjoying myself alone. They offer good reads and a cozy reading nook—a rocking chair that would make you feel you’re at the comfort of your home.

The A. Bichara Silverscreens Entertainment Center is known for its cinemas. Movie-lovers in Legazpi frequent this place. If you identify yourself as one, then be sure to drop by at Alfana Café and indulge yourself with their hearty baked pastas, tasty pastries and cakes, grilled sandwiches, and satisfying rice meals paired with a warm cup of coffee or a cool glass of choco and coffee floats or lemonade of your choice. On top of that, prices are affordable! They offer lunches for as low as 68 pesos.

Pepperoni Pizza Lasagna

Alfana Café’s quiet and relaxed setting gives room for hours of intimate conversations. It’s ideal for first dates.
Staff are super friendly and hospitable. Also, their service is fast. Everything in the place is Instagram-worthy—from the pretty interiors to their lovely food presentation. Just a few steps down the café, they have a really cute, girly pink stall that sells ice creams. Its name is Polar Express by Alfana Café.

I’ll definitely recommend this place to my friends, in fact, I did already!  We’ll go back soon to try some more of their bestsellers.

Must-try: Pepperoni Pizza Lasagna and a cup of brewed coffee or a glass of choco and coffee floats
Price Range:
68 pesos and above ($1.36)


Contact: Facebook Page
0918 902 9899
Address: 4F A. Bichara Silverscreens Entertainment Center, Magallanes Corner T. Alonzo St. Legazpi City

Artisan’s Specialty Coffee

Just across Yashano Mall Legazpi, you’ll find Artisan’s Specialty Coffee. The moment you step inside the café, you’ll inhale the stimulating aroma of coffee—you’ll find it hard to say ‘no’ for caffeine today.

It’s a typical coffee shop in the urban zone. There’s a variety of both hot and cold, coffee and non-coffee beverages to choose from. Artisan’s also features special coffee blends from both local and imported sources.

Because of the top-notch quality of their coffee concoctions, Artisan’s quickly won the approval of its customers. It continues to capture the interest of coffee shop goers in Legazpi.

Usually, it’s humid in the city. So, all year-round, you can go for your favorite cold-brewed coffee concoctions or iced coffee. Personally, I tried their cold-brewed coffee, and it’s awesome. I like its energizing aroma and its slightly bitter taste with a hint of creaminess and sweetness, which is the contrast you’d usually fall for.

Perfect to pair with their luscious ice cream cakes you’ll never resist. From the look to its texture, down to its flavors, a slice of cake from Artisan’s is surely worth the calories. Cheat day, anyone? You know, there’s nothing wrong with dessert indulgence from time to time.

I love the simplicity of the café’s interiors: clean and minimalist. It exudes the modern urban vibe. On lazy afternoons, grab a chair overlooking the streets of Legazpi, take a sip of your coffee, and go people-watching. You’ll get tons of ideas for your next creative project.


Must-try: Artisan’s Specialty Coffee Cold Brew Black/White and their ice cream cakes
Wi-Fi: Available
Price Range: 120 pesos and above ($2.4)

Address: JNL Bldg. F. Imperial, Bitano, Legazpi City (Beside Four Seasons Restaurant and Pru Life U.K.)
Contact: @artisans.specialtycoffee (IG)
Facebook Page


The Patio Coffee & Desserts by Greenleaf

For the girly girls’ night out, The Patio Coffee & Desserts by Greenleaf would be the most ideal choice. You’ll surely love the homey feel inside. You’ll actually think you’ve visited grandma and she served you with freshly baked cupcakes and cookies paired with a sweet and cool lemonade.

The colorful, shabby chic interior design of The Patio is so inviting, you’ll definitely pay a visit for its Instagram-worthy stuff. Trust me, everything here can do so much to add sweet, spring colors to your feed.

Chairs are so comfy that you wish you can read books at a corner all day long. Well, actually, they got plenty of books to choose from!

That’s what we like so much about coffee shops: a complete package of good food, nice drinks, good reads and comfortable place.

The last time I went to this coffee shop, I tried their carbonara. It’s creamy, tasty and filling. My friends on the other hand, tried their lasagna, and salmon. Yes, they offer rice meals, too! The salmon is so good. Try it.

And oh, when you actually taste them, you’ll love coming back for more next time.It’s just a few meters away from La Mia Tazza, so you can find it real quick.

Must-try: Frappes and Pastas
Price Range: 150 pesos and above ($3)
Contact: Facebook Page

Address: G/F Patio de Legazpi Bldg., Rizal St. Old Albay, Legazpi City
(052) 742 4835

 Koffee Klatch de Legazpi Co.

Koffee Klatch is one of the most popular coffee shops around Legazpi. The size of the café is small, yet you’ll feel comfortable either you’re seated inside or you chose the outdoor sitting spot. The food, and both coffee and non-coffee beverages they serve are all affordable yet appealing and satisfying to the taste buds.

You’ll love a tall glass of frappe or a warm cup of cappuccino. They also offer several sweet and nutritious smoothies such as the Mango Graham Smoothie and Cucumber Smoothie. Pair it with their signature Klatch burger, or if you are sweet-toothed, opt for their Red Velvet cake or Blueberry Cheesecake.

Koffee Klatch is very accessible. It’s near Aquinas University Hospital. For first-time visitor, take a jeepney with a huge “B” tag on it if you’re coming from the town of Daraga, or a jeepney with “A” sign if you’re coming from Legazpi city proper.

Must-try: Pili Cappuccino, Frappes, Smoothies, and Cakes
Price Range: Starts from 65 and above (Prepare at least $2)


Address: F. Aquende Dr., Kawit-East Washington Drive, Barangay 16, LegazpiCity (Near Aquinas University Hospital)
Contact: Facebook Page

So,that’s it! Do let us know your thoughts once you’ve tried one or more of these coffee shops.

Bonus tip: Starbucks and J.Co Donuts are now inside Ayala Malls Legazpi, too! Also, Figaro Coffee Company recently opened at the second level of Yashano Mall.

You’ll never run out of caffeine in Legazpi.


After finishing her Journalism studies, Jessamine continued working as freelance writer and doing volunteer work for an international organization. She does various projects including articles, blog posts, e-books, and ad copies. Her passion for the art of communication isn’t limited to words—she loves learning photography as well. On days without work, you’ll catch her flipping and sniffing some good reads, watching travel-related shows and documentaries, capturing beauty, or daydreaming about future outdoor adventures.


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