The 3-kilometere road stretching from Embarcadero up to Puro of Legazpi Boulevard offers many interesting activities for young and old. The Boulevard begins its day very early. At 4 AM in the morning various people wearing jackets arrive. What will they do at this very early hour? They are here for some exercise!

Here are some popular exercises you can observe at Legazpi Boulevard:

Walking: This is a favorite morning activity of oldies. You can see many older generations walking at decent speed from Embarcadero Mall up to the end of Puro. This walk is about 3km, or in total 6km when walking the Boulevard back again to the Mall. If you are not used to it you’ll be sweating on your first 3 kilometers walk. You amy also consider to take a tricycle taxi to the end of Puro and walk back to the Embarcadero Mall for a one way walk.

Jogging: Legazpi Boulevard is an awesome place to go jogging as well. It is very popular in the mornings and the promenade gives you enough space to jog at your preferred speed.

Zumba: One of the most favorite morning activities at the Legazpi Boulevard. There are some private organizations and groups who organize Zumba gatherings for free, though sometimes they collect donations. Especially during the weekends there are also Zumba trainers around who guide people when doing the routines.

Tip: there are currently two Zumba groups. The first group is usually near the pay toilet & makeshift stage. This group serves older generartions and in general includes easy to follow routines. The second group is more attractive for the younger generation or those who like to combine exercise, dance and music. You can find this group at the bicycle rental store.
These Zumba events are during Saturdays and Sundays at 6am-7am only.

Cycling The wide side walk and main road can still cater cyclists even though there are many joggers around. You can bring your own bike or rent a bike at the bike rental store. The rent depends on what type of bike you’ll get. Bike for kids and a BMX cost about PhP 50.00 while mountain bikes and other bigger bikes cost Php 70.00-Php 100.00. The minimum rental time is 30 minutes. You also receive a colorful reflector vest to be spotted easier by other vehicles.

The Boulevard with its fresh sea breeze is a great place to get your healthy morning exercise fix. On top of that you get an awesome view of the daily sunrise and of course the majestic Mayon volcano.


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