After a tiring day from your travel, you just want to pamper yourself with a very good night rest. Getting a good rest will help you to concentrate and enjoy the next day activities of your life. A well prepared bed and a good atmosphere will suit to condition your body a lot better than your ordinary days. Here are some top rated hotels where you can spend your night when you go to Legazpi:

Oriental Hotel and Resort. This is a four stars rated hotel in Legazpi City. They have the most expensive room rate compared to other hotels. The cost ranges from Php 10,000.00- Php 30,000 per night. The hotel is overlooking the city of Legazpi and its view Of Mayon Volcano is superb. Visit their website at, call them at (052) 480 0383 to 85 or e-mail at for bookings.

Hotel St. Ellis. A very accessible hotel because it is located at the heart of the city about 50 meters from the Rotonda. The only disadvantage of this hotel is that it doesn’t have a room where you can see Mayon Volcano. Yet, they have nice rooms. For more information, visit their website at or go directly at the hotel in Rizal St., Legazpi City. Or you can call them also at (052) 480-8088.

Lutos Blu Hotel. A newly opened hotel in near the Legazpi Grand Terminal. It’s facing Mayon Volcano and there are few buildings surrounding it so you can really have a great look of Mayon Volcano every time you wake up morning. The hotel is located at a building that houses a mall and many restaurants typically serves Asians cuisines and Filipino delicacies. Check out their site at or call them at (052) 742-6632.

Ninongs Hotel. This hotel has a very good location too! It is at the Old Albay District Ma.Clara St. Governor Locsin, East Washington, Legazpi City. This hotel is very popular to the wedding couples because the area is adjacent to the church. Also, when there are some regional activities which are held in the nearby plaza tourist flock in to this hotel because it is just a block away from the location. For reservations, visit or call them at (052) 480-0575.

La Piazza Hotel. A chic hotel. Affordable and very classy. It has also a convention center that is good for seminar and conferences. This hotel has a disadvantage because of its location. It is near in the city but there are no public transportations that pass by along this hotel. You have to rent a tricycle or walk for a couple of minutes from the road where you can find jeepney passing by. Gladly, La Piazza hotel provides a car service for their customers if needed. The front lobby also extends some help to find a transportation when you suddenly want to go out. For reservations, email at or go the directly at Tahao Road, Lagazpi City or call them at (052) 480-3377 and 742-1577. You may also visit

Pepperland Hotel. This hotel is located Airport Road, Washington Drive, Legazpi City. A very convenient location because it is just several meters away from the Airport. You can actually walk from the Airport up to this hotel even though you have many luggage. Their bar and restaurant is the main attraction of the business, yet their rooms is great too! For bookings and reservations, call them at (052) 732-7878/732-7888/742-5249 or visit their website at

CasaBlanca Hotel. Another hotel which is 500m only from the center of Legazpi City. The staff are nice and good. They have been into hotel service for many years that is why they already established a good name even though many new hotels have appeared around Legazpi. Call them at (052) 480 8899 for reservations.

Hotel Venezia. A quite expensive hotel which is located at a first class subdivision in Legazpi City. A popular name to the locals of Legazpi but is not really known by visitors because you cannot see it while you are roaming around the city. Since it is inside a first class subdivision the security is quite tough. This is very accessible because it is adjacent to Legazpi City Airport. Visit their website at or call them at (+63 52) 481 0888; (+63 52) 742 1341; (+63 52) 742 6330


Waking up away from your home and the bed that you are used to everyday is really hard. But staying on these cozy hotel will not give any difference with the feeling on waking up on your bed at home. You’ll be ready for anything that you will do may it be adventurous action, a sightseeing episode or simply a conference and seminar!

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