The Search is Over for the Gastronomically-Addicting Pizza in Legazpi

When I was a kid, there was a certain time when dad frequently brought home pizza for snack. First time it happened, of course, I called it a delightful surprise. For the following occasions, I remember myself half-expecting it. Perhaps, the ‘rule of attraction’ works at times. In my mind I was saying, “I can feel that I will eat pizza today.” Well, it happened many times.

Several times I’ve wondered why I have this deep attraction and attachment to pizza. Just the sound of its name is enough to induce my cravings for it. Is it because of the smoky aroma? Is it the scent of the freshly baked crust? The pepperoni? The spices and veggies? The meaty, cheesy flavor? Perhaps, the spicy sauce I love adding on my pizza that brings out the Bicolana in me? I think, all of the above.

There were times when I ate a really unsatisfactory pizza, but that never changed my pizza cravings. Pizza is so gastronomically-addicting that every celebration calls for it. For me, it’s part of the party staple. (I’m okay if there’s no cake, since I’m not sweet-toothed.) The question now is, where can you find the pizza you can’t resist in Legazpi?

All the Roads Lead to this Hidden Pizzeria

It may not be readily visible because it’s not located along the highway or inside popular malls in Legazpi, but loyal customers keep coming back to this hidden pizzeria in the city. When I asked a few friends where to get the best pizza in Legazpi, they said the same name—Uncle Ton’s.

The positive feedback of both my friends and other people encouraged me to try the bestseller of this pizza parlor. So, one rainy afternoon, I headed to Uncle Ton’s to find out the basis of their positive comments or to test if I’ve only been lied to.

I asked the lady who handed me the menu what their bestseller is. She told me that it is Uncle Ton’s Special. That’s what I ordered along with iced tea.

The Pizza

Let’s talk about this Uncle Ton’s Special. My friends were right! It didn’t disappoint me, rather it satisfied my pizza cravings.

When it comes to pizza, there are areas I pay attention to: the crust, the toppings, the mozzarella and the sauce.

Uncle Ton’s Special pizza has a well-baked crust. It’s neither bread-thick nor cracker-thin. The outside has a hint of crisp, but the inside is soft and tender. Have you ever eaten a pizza that has a crumbly crust? Or perhaps, you’ve tried a crust that feels like a rubber? Those were poorly-baked crusts. On the other hand, Uncle Ton’s Special has an ideal crust. It’s firm but flexible. It bends, but not crumbly. Also, the crust is cheese-stuffed! Personally, I like the cheesy flavor so much, plus the smoky aroma you’ll inhale once the pizza is served on your table.

There’s a generous amount of toppings on the crust, all made from fresh ingredients—ground meat, sausages, pepperoni, green bell peppers, black olives, mushrooms, and white onions. Really, it’s an overload you’ll love. The cheese and the sauce are all good, too.

For 379 pesos, you’ll get a 12-inch of this pizza. That’s basically eight slices—good for up to four people, well depending on how big your appetite is. If you think a 12-inch pizza is just for yourself, just buy another for your friends. Each slice is actually big, appetizing, and filling. I think two slices are enough for my dinner.

Other must-try pizzas are the Seaside Special for seafood lovers and the Blueberry Cheese Pizza for the sweet-toothed.


The Service

I’ve read a few negative comments about the staff service. I admit, at first I was hesitant if I should visit the place. I ended up saying, “Well, I care more about the pizza.” But, when I get there, the lady who took my order is nice, polite, and attentive. On top of that, the service is fast. We didn’t have to wait for so long to have a first bite of the pizzeria’s specialty. The lady didn’t even know that I’ll be writing a review for their restaurant. So, I was really able to write this from a customer’s perspective rather than a food reviewer.

I think, wherever restaurant, café, fast-food, or shop you go, the rule is quite simple: Respect begets respect, and kindness begets kindness. So, just smile, be friendly, and treat the staff nicely. Their job is tiring and we should try to acknowledge this fact, too. The natural response to kindness is also kindness, so do your part and be a nice customer.


The Place

What I like about Uncle Ton’s is that the place is spacious and there’s less crowd. Pizza parlors in Legazpi are usually full of people that you literally have to wait sometimes to finally take a seat. Then, you can’t stay for long because another batch of diners are patiently waiting for you to finish so they can occupy your table.

Uncle Ton’s has an edge on this matter. You can truly relax in this place. You’re not in a hurry to finish your meal just so you can show consideration to people waiting. At Uncle Ton’s, you can savor every bite of your pizza while enjoying warm conversation with your company. It’s a great hangout place for family and friends.

My only suggestion is that, if it’s possible, let the music you play be heard. When I was there, I heard songs of Jason Mraz (which happen to be the songs I like) but the volume was too low. I think, they can increase the volume a bit more, just enough not to disrupt conversations. Good music lets customers feel more at ease and they tend to enjoy the food more.


Final Thoughts

I’ll definitely come back to Uncle Ton’s some other time and recommend it to others as well. I like their pizza so much that I think the ideal date for me would be Uncle Ton’s Special pizza by the beach while watching the loveliest sunset. Too bad, the nearest beach is over an hour away.


Location: #62 Alegre Street | Tula-Tula, Legazpi City

Contact Info: +63 52 480 2467;


Price Range: 300 pesos and above ($6)


Alternative Pizza Options: Pizza Hut (Pacific Mall), Greenwich (Pacific Mall and Ayala Malls Legazpi), Shakey’s Pizza (Pacific Mall), Yellow Cab (Gregorian Mall, just across Peñaranda Park)

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