Where to go for Burger in Legazpi


When roaming around shopping malls or the city itself, you’ve probably encountered the seductive, lingering smell of meaty burgers filling the air a thousand times. It’s as if leading you to the direction of something you’re craving for. You can’t help imagining every bit of those juicy, satisfying bites.  

Perhaps, there were times when a mini-battle goes on inside your mind.  One part of your mind says, “But you’ve just snacked with burger and fries yesterday.”  “I want it one more time”, the other half argues. 

By just seeing its enticing photos to sniffing the distinct burger smell—these are enough motivations that spark burger obsession.  

Want a Burger? Do It Yourself! 

The question now is where to find that mouth-watering burger that’s worth every bite. We’ve searched Legazpi for the answer and many burger-lovers recommend DIY Burgers 

What makes it unique among popular burger joints around the city? 

First, the concept. Take the hint from the name itself. DIY Burgers conveniently allows you to make your own burger! Yup, that’s right—customizable burgers that encourage you to get creative in combining your personalized burger ingredients.  

How? There are three steps. 

Step 1. Choose your patty among the four available protein selections. Choices are: Premium Beef Patty (120 pesos), Basa Fish Fillet (100 pesos), chicken fillet (100 pesos), and Salmon Patty (140 pesos). 

Step 2. Choose your toppings from a variety of cheeses, veggies, peppers, and pickles, as well as grilled and pan-friend toppings such as bacon, ham, and egg. Prices of toppings range from 10 pesos to 40 pesos. 

Step 3. Choose your sauce. Ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard are the basic burger sauces and they are all available for free. But, if you’re looking for a unique burger taste, you can try other kinds of sauces such as Smokey Barbecue Sauce, Honey Mustard, Balsamic Remoulade, Spicy Garlic Mayo, Country Ranch, Sriracha, Buffalo Sauce, Al Aioli, Tahini Sauce, Wasabi Mayo, Key Lime Mayo, Chipotle Ketchup, and Dijon Mustard. These sauces range from 10 to 20 pesos each. 

And that’s it! After you’ve chosen your ingredients, the restaurant will make your very own burger. It’s really exciting to find out how a do-it-yourself burger tastes like. 

Second thing I love about DIY Burgers is how their burgers satisfy my cravings and fill my tummy. The serving is generous. You’ll get an ideal size you can cut into half. You can even share the other half of your burger with a friend if you’re not that hungry. The patty is juicy and tasty. The toppings are good. You’ll really go home with a happy and full tummy.  

If you’re unsure and not quite confident with making your own burger, you can simply choose from either their burger classics menu or expert selection burgers. The expert selection includes:

Steaksburg (Premium Beef + Bacon + Coleslaw + Bleu Cheese + Mushrooms + Onions + Swiss Cheese + Tomatoes + Al Aioli),

Buffalo Bleu (Chicken Fillet + Cucumber + Bacon + Buffalo Sauce + Bleu Cheese + Mozzarella Cheese + Onions),

Hangover (Premium Beef + Bacon + Hashbrown + Pepperjack Cheese + Onions + BBQ Sauce + Tomatoes + Honey Mustard + Fried Egg),

Yori Yoi (Premium Beef + Nori + Tomatoes + Cucumber + Cabbage + Tuna Ahi + Kani + Cheddar + Wasabi Mayo),

Yankee (Premium Beef + Bacon +  Franks + Tomatoes + American Cheese + Lettuce + Pickles + Ham + Onions + Ketchup + Honey Mustard),

Que Paso (Premium Beef + Nacho Cheese + Tabasco + Pickled Peppers + Jalapeños + Chili Con Carne + Salsa + Lettuce) 


Pair your burger with yummy sides and beverages of your choice. Bestsellers are onion rings and fries. For your beverage, the choices include soda drinks, milkshakes, fresh fruit shake, mug floats, iced tea, and beer.  


From a Small Burger Joint to a Spacious Go-to Burger Place 

DIY Burgers used to be a small burger joint located at Old Albay District, Legazpi City. But because of its quality burgers, it quickly gained popularity among locals and tourists. This resulted into expansion. And so, it is now a spacious burger resto at the fourth floor of Ayala Malls Legazpi. I consider it as convenient and beneficial for its customers. You’ll surely find a table for you! 

The place is simple, yet comfortable. You can truly have a quality time with your family or friends. Also, the service is topnotch. Thumbs up to this friendly nice guy who’s been attentive to my inquiries and prompt at serving our needs.  

So, where to go when you crave for burgers? Visit DIY Burgers and give it a try.  

Other Burger Places aside from DIY Burgers: Bigg’s Diner and other fast food chains in Legazpi 

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