Here are some restaurants that the locals of Legazpi patronizes and definitely recommends to any visitor in the city:

  1. Colonial Grill. Serves authentic Bicol cuisine, so you will likely eat like a local with their dishes like Bicol Express, Pinangat, Tinutungang Manok and many more. They have big serving so one order can be shared with your company. Most of the guest that visits their restaurant would agree that everything is delicious. So this restaurant is so famous with the locals that when asked by the tourist where they can get the best Bicol dishes in town, this restaurant is the first thing being mentioned. They are also mark as the “home of original sili ice cream”. They have level 1, 2, 3 and a special level called Mayon Volcano Level. They have two branches in Legazpi City which are both inside the Malls.

2. Four Seasons Restaurant. One of the Chinese Restaurants in Legazpi City. Their specialty is the Four Seasons Chicken. It is the best seller in their menu. It has a unique taste that suites most of the guest’s palate. It is an unforgettable fried chicken though prepared and cooked differently from the usual Chinese fried chicken. Four Seasons Restaurant has two branches in Legazpi City. One is located at the Tahao Road near Yashano Mall and the other one is at the Landco Business Park.

The Famous Four Seasons Chicken

3. Boklan Food Center. This Chinese Restaurant started from selling “merienda” until it grows big. Their menu for “merienda” is still the best seller which is Pancit Canton Guisado. Though most of the menu offered has Chinese origin but they also serve other home-cooked meal of Bicolanos. Their 2-level restaurant is located at 66 Elizondo St., Legazpi City. Check out their menu at For reservation and inquiry you can call them at (052) 480-7118 or (052) 8202743.

4. Balay Cena Una. This restaurant is really not located in Legazpi City. It is on the adjacent town Daraga but if you are in Legazpi it is not a hassle to go there because the 5-kilometer will just take you a couple of minutes. The interior design of Balay Cena Una depicts a very traditional Filipino ambiance of an ancestral home but the restaurant will let you taste the world’s flavor in their menu. You can also try the local cuisines here with a different feature like Pinangat Pasta. The beautifully restored ancestral house restaurant is located at F. Lotivio St. Bgy. Bagumbayan, Daraga, Albay. You can also call for reservations at (052) 435-4338.

5. Waway’s Restaurant. This restaurant is a home of seafood and native Bicolano dishes. They have buffet at lunch and dinner that will only cost you Php 250.00. If you want to have a feast, they are offering a very generous line up of different savory food that will make you come back not just for 2 times but how many times you like until you surrender. But you have to pay if you left something on your plate. Wasting food is not their motto. The original branch is located at Bonot, Legazpi City. They also cater and offers a venue for small group seminar so you can reach them at (052) 480-8415 for inquiries. They’ve also opened a new branch in Old Albay District adjacent to the Provincial Capitol.

Almost all of the mentioned restaurants have been serving the Legazpeno for several years or decades already. They still choose to eat here not just because of good food but because of loyalty.

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