If you are in a provincial city, expect that everything will rest before midnight. The streets will be clear and almost all of the establishments are already closed. Though Legazpi City is the capital of Albay, it surely have its own time of slowing down its busy life.

Considering midnight is the cooler version of the noontime then it means that your stomach will be looking for something to grind. But, where will you go to satisfy the need if most of the dining places is not in service? Here are some places that will not fail to give you food at wee hours:

1. Bigg’s Diner. One of the restaurants that Albayanos have grown into. Most people is confused if it is a restaurant or a fast food chain so their tag line answers it…… They are famous on having large sizes for their servings specifically their Fried Chicken. Check out also their Baby Back Ribs – one of the best sellers! The branch that is open for 24 hours is the one that is located in Old Albay District at the front of DWCL. You can also check out their website at biggsdiner.ph for menus.

  1. Pares King. This restaurant is “open almost 24 hours” as their tag line indicates. The real business hours of this restaurant is from 7am-2am. Most of their foods are pre-cooked so as you order, you can just point to the food that you want in the shelf. But for the food that needs to be maintained a certain temperature, they cooked it upon receiving the request or order like Bulalo and Crispy Pata. They also serve Bicol cuisines like Laing and Bicol Express. They also have this in bottles which you can bring home as “pasalubong”. This restaurant has two branch in Legazpi City. You can visit Pares King at F. Aquende Drive formerly known as Washington Drive at the front of Aquinas Hospital. Or you can check in at Legazpi Boulevard for Pares Prince.


  1. Jollibee-Albay. The first fast food chain branch established in Old Albay District that is open 24 hours. It is located at Rizal St. Cor. Braset St. Old Albay District, Legaspi City at the front of DWCL. Expect a fast food menu that is the same with every Jollibee stores nationwide.


  1. McDonalds-Albay. A newly opened branch of McDonalds in the Gregorian Mall at the front of St. Gregory Church and Penaranda Park. The location is very strategic because most of the public transportations pass by this area even at a very late hour or early in the morning. Now Jollibee-Albay has its competitor on a 24-hour fast food chain in the city.


So if your stomach is crumbling at a late hour, check in to these places. The choices of restaurants maybe limited but it is assured that Legazpi City won’t starve you. May it be a restaurant or a fast food chain, you will surely leave at those places feeling full.

Happy eating while staring at the starry sky or at the flickering lights of the street at a very quiet time!

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