Of course, most of the locals in Albay take pride of the majestic, cone-shaped Mayon Volcano. Who can blame them? It’s the best reason you can think of why Albay is known not just in the Philippines, but in other countries around the globe as well. Truth is, tourists are more interested to visit the province whenever the active volcano is erupting. The night sight of lava fountaining is pretty amazing. It’s as if you’re watching a series of nature-made fireworks.

But here’s the thing: Albay is not just about Mt. Mayon. Go on a road trip, look around, and you’ll surely get awed with more picturesque sights. Mountains, hills, paddy fields, farms, and islands—Albay will surely give you a taste of what’s life like far from the metropolis.

We have to admit though, you cannot expect the beaches to be of the same level as Palawan or Boracay because it’s really far from that. When it comes to the best beaches, let’s leave it to Boracay and Palawan. But, if you happen to be touring Albay to see the famous Mayon Volcano, you can still experience the idle island life you’re craving for. Yup, we also got postcard-perfect islands where you can unplug, unwind, and enjoy fun-filled water activities.

More or less 34 kilometers from Legazpi city lies Cagraray Island. It is home to lush hills and mountains, emerald waters, refreshing breeze, and astounding views. There are several spots in the island that can give you a sense of déjà vu if you have been to Tagaytay before. For me, I can say that Cagraray Island is like “Tagaytay of Bicol Region”. Go on a road trip in this awesome place and you’ll know what I mean.


Things to Do When Touring Cagraray

  1. Spend Two Days and One Night or More in Misibis Bay Resort

Whether you’re up for exciting water activities or simply craving for a relaxing weekend getaway, you’ll surely love what Misibis Bay Resort offers. The luxurious resort offers spacious, comfortable accommodation choices complete with ideal amenities. You can choose among garden, pool, or ocean view rooms. Exciting water activities include kayaking, paddle surfing, sunset cruise, scuba diving, wind surfing, jet ski, banana boat, and Hobie Cat sailing. You can also book for an island hopping adventure if you would like to explore the resort’s surrounding islands. Misibis Bay also offers spa services that can surely give your body the pampering it needs.

  1. Visit Cagraray Eco-Energy Park

Your Cagraray Island tour is never complete without visiting the Cagraray Eco-Energy Park’s amphitheater. It reminds us of a Greek-inspired setting. Its rustic look and feel with the picturesque sea and mountain as the backdrop is truly amazing. It’s indeed a perfect spot for photo ops, and even a romantic dinner with your wife or hubby.

But wait, there’s more! Cagraray Eco-Energy Park also offers exhilarating activities such as zipline and wall climbing that adventurous souls will surely love.

  1. Go Fishing and Have Picnic in Barangay Sula

If it’s a day out with your dad or grandpa, bring him to Barangay Sula in Cagraray Island and go fishing. The thrill and satisfaction of getting some fresh catch is worth the one hour-drive from Legazpi City. Going on a picnic with your family and friends is also a great idea for the weekend. Here, you are rewarded with refreshing views, breeze, and tropical ambience.

  1. Do a Photoshoot for the Whole Day

Okay, so you’re scouting for photoshoot locations? Drive straight to Cagraray Island because it’s something your camera will be thankful for. The location is super photogenic yet really beautiful in real life.


So, if you’ve got nothing to do on the next weekend, try to visit Cagraray Island. Trust us, it’s a well-rewarded roadtrip.


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