Postcards from Burad Beach: A Hidden Gem in Batan Island, Albay

If you’ve been workaholic lately, it’s easy to feel as if you’ve been tricked by your calendar. “Seriously? It was just summer recently, and now, you say that it’s summer again?”

As usual, days can slip away so fast like an expert snatcher in a bustling city, or a spirited horse! Before you get lost in this typical realization we think about from time to time, have you arranged some awesome summer plans yet? Don’t tell me you’re going to waste this exciting season to bask in the abundant sunshine, walk and play on a sandy beach, and float, plunge, surf, and dive in the salty seawater wherever that may be.

If you’re not into long-haul travel, staycation doesn’t have to be boring. All you need is to research nearby interesting destinations that will make your summer equally memorable. Good news! We’re going to help you with that today. Yes, you’re welcome!


Getting to Know Batan Island

Part of the Lagonoy Gulf in the province of Albay lies Batan Island. It is comprised by over 20 barangays. Batan is home to several sandy beaches, caves, rivers, hills, and other interesting spots for sightseeing. Camping, trekking, spelunking, island hopping, swimming, and other water activities are what you can look forward to when touring Batan.

In Batan Island, the main modes of transportation are outrigger boats and motorcycles-for-rent locally known as habal-habal. Because habal-habal can be quite costly, local residents are usually left with no choice but to walk longer distances, even several kilometers just to reach other barangays for school or for other reasons.

When you visit Batan Island, you can truly immerse yourself in the environment by living like a local. Indulge yourself with the freshly-caught seafood that will surely fill your appetite. You’ll love the simple, quiet, and slow-moving island life that is truly relaxing.


Let’s Talk About Burad Beach

If you feel like going to Subic Beach in Matnog, Sorsogon or Caramoan in Camarines Sur would be a long and costly journey, here’s an equally beautiful place—Burad Beach in Batan Island. And it’s just more or less two hours away from Legazpi!

It’s a little island you can regard as a hidden gem since not many people visit it often. In fact, you can enjoy the whole Burad Beach just for yourself and your company! That’s what we experienced when we visited this lovely island. No other beach-goers, no establishments, no vendors, no pollution, no noise from other people—yes, it’s just you and the powdery sand, sky-blue water, lush vegetation, the enthralling sound of sea waves, and the classic beauty of sunset.

There are few pebbles, shells and stones on the shore, but generally, the creamy-white sand is fine and powdery. Its soft texture under your soles feels so good that you can walk on it the whole afternoon. You can even jump and land on your knees, but it doesn’t hurt. It feels like jumping on powder. It may not be as white and as fine as the sand in Boracay, but it can almost reach that standard. Beach volleyball, anyone?

Its shallow, clear water is great for swimming. Unlike other islands, there aren’t much seaweeds or stones. In some islands, stones and seaweeds could discourage you from swimming, but in Burad, you can feel safe, knowing that what your feet can touch at the bottom is only sand.

On the right side of the island, the buildings of Misibis Bay Resort are visible from afar. This is also the side of Burad where you can watch the perfect sunset in the afternoon.

If your personality is something that prefers a quiet and tranquil beach getaway than the more commercialized beaches that are bustling in social life and energy, then, Burad is a great choice for you. The downside is, you can only spend a whole day in this lovely little island because no accommodations are available.


How to Get There and Where to Stay:

One of the easiest way to make the most of Batan Island and Burad Beach is to stay in Barangay Bogtong. This barangay in Batan Island is a two-hour boat ride from Legazpi Port. Two regular boat ferries from Legazpi take passengers to Bogtong and its surrounding barangays daily. First trip leaves at around 7:00 o’clock in the morning and the next trip leaves at 12:00 noon. Prepare at least 200 pesos for the boat fare going to and from Bogtong.

There’s one beachfront villa in Barangay Bogtong with rates starting at 2,500 pesos per night per two persons. Take note, it’s not just a room in the villa—it’s the whole villa itself complete with ideal facilities and amenities. You can check it out here.

From Barangay Bogtong, you can rent a boat for a day trip to Burad Beach. Or, if you’re staying in The Village House, the villa mentioned above, you may request its admin to arrange an island-hopping tour for you. From Barangay Bogtong, boat trip to Burad Beach takes around 45 minutes to one hour.

If you’ll be staying there the whole day, be sure to bring your cooked meals, snacks, and beverages because there are no stores in the area. Just be sure to clean as you go, never leave any garbage that can pollute the island.


Now, you’re probably up for summer. Welcome it. Embrace it. Make the most of it. Burad, Batan Island is the best way to start.

After finishing her Journalism studies, Jessamine continued working as freelance writer and doing volunteer work for an international organization. She does various projects including articles, blog posts, e-books, and ad copies. Her passion for the art of communication isn’t limited to words—she loves learning photography as well. On days without work, you’ll catch her flipping and sniffing some good reads, watching travel-related shows and documentaries, capturing beauty, or daydreaming about future outdoor adventures.


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